IMG 3639 On June 29th I became someone special. I became a mom. Like the saying, "At each birth two people are born...a baby and a mother." Being a mom is like nothing else I have experienced so far in life. When there is such a small itty bitty person that utterly depends on you for survival - well it does change your life!

I started this blog because I have a desire to connect with other mothers and also to share knowledge and experiences that make childhood and motherhood rich and vibrant and healthy. This is an age of 'too much information' making motherhood even more challenging with so many choices to make.

From the moment I was pregnant, I felt bombarded with information online about what to eat and how to live my life now that I was pregnant. This blog isn't meant to be another blog to tell you how to live. It's meant to add value and enjoyment to your experience as a mother.

I am a pediatric occupational therapist and have practiced occupational therapy in the US Virgin Islands and in Georgia as well as the San Francisco Bay Area. From time to time I will post some helpful information from the OT perspective however the focus will not be on that.

I hope you enjoy my blog! S & K