Clutter Free With Kids

How to become a minimalist

November 21, 2018 by

How many of you feel overwhelmed with the amount of time you spend on cleaning, organizing and managing STUFF in your house? Do you wish you had more free time? I have to say the one thing I have noticed is I spend so much more time organizing my BABIES things then I imagined. She is only 4 and 1/2 months old! That is crazy!

I just listened to Allie Casazza's FREE class on Minimalism for Mothers. See link at the end of this posting. She is a professional and has many cool classes and free resources on her site. If you are in dire need of help definitely check her page out and even if you just need a push in the right direction she has resources for you!

The word minimalism became real to me when I met my friend Rajini. She moved from London to San Francisco with only 2 suitcases! I was amazed that she could be happy with so few belongings. At the time I lived alone in a 750 square-foot apartment and it was packed with my belongings.

Little did I know in less than two years I would be packing two small suitcases and moving to the Virgin Islands. Before this move I made the decision to let go of my belongings rather than paying to store them. It felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders. Really, I am so much happier with less things! Sometimes I walk around the house and put items into the "Goodwill pile." It's amazing how much time "stuff" takes away from us! Everytime I pick up a piece of clothing and fold it I am reminded of this!

When I think of minimalism I think of owning less stuff. Owning less stuff feels lighter and easier because then I don't have to organize it, store it, clean it, fix it, or find it! When it comes to baby items and stuff I do feel overwhelmed.

What are some of your strategies to keep your child's things manageable?