Calming Sensory Bottles With Glitter

Calming strategies for kids

January 18, 2019 by

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What child doesn't like sparkly shiny objects? Most children I have worked with LOVE sparkling things. These sensory bottles are wonderful tools to use when a child is feeling anxious, or overwhelmed. Sometimes changing the environment can help so much. For example, the child can sit in on a bean bag chair with the lights dimmed and listen to calming music while gazing at this sensory bottle. What can I use this bottle for?

  • to add to a calm corner*
  • children look at it in order to relax
  • visual stimulation
  • promoting visual tracking
  • hand eye coordination
  • add to a sensory box*

*I will write seperate blog posts on these topics

Supplies: Clear plastic bottle (Voss water bottle, or bottle from Michaels) 2 oz. Glitter Glue (1/3 of the bottle) Glitter (hexagone glitter, fine glitter or metallic glitter, basically three types of glitter ranging from fine to small to large). The hexagone looks pretty cool in the mix. liquid water color (optional) 1 quart (4 cups) measuring device wisk Goo Gone (to remove label from bottle) Super Glue

First use the Goo Gone to remove the label from the empty Voss water bottle. Next boil 1 quart water. Take water off the stove. Add glitter glue to hot water and mix with wisk. Add the other sparkles. Pour mixture into the plastic bottle after it's cooled slightly. Add liquid water color and top off with water from the tap. I filled the bottle with as much water as possible. Play around with the bottle to see if you like it. You can add more sparkles, etc. as you wish! When you decide you like the bottle, super glue the lid on.

Now, let the super glue dry and then it's ready for use! Enjoy!

ALWAYS supervise your child when they use this bottle.